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Friday, 16 December 2011

Christian Louboutin Toundra Boot

Upon arriving at my stunning  pal, and stylist to the stars, Lucy’s humble abode this weekend she promptly shoved a glass of champers into my hand and yanked me to her room to show me her latest piece of shoe candy  - the Louboutin Toundra Boot. Yep. They are literally the sex and as Lucy herself described them ‘completely Russian hook’. Love it. However, as I am definitely not fashwa or tall enough to pull these bad boys off, I’d look more like I had my foot up two rabbits than in Loubs, I started to think about the distinct lack of fur in my wardrobe this winter and quickly reprimanded myself for being soooo last season dahling. Having little or no natural insulation, or as most refer to it, fat on my bones (don’t hate) I am one of those folk who really feels the cold and so a gorgeous vintage fur has forever been on my endless list of lust afters. Yet finding one to fit my miniscule frame has proven to be more of a challenge than anything Anneka has come up against. During my quest for the elusive perfect coat I have stumbled across some fabulous faux fur pieces on the high street and am tempted to treat myself to one of these lovelies as a Christmas prize, unless one of you wants to buy them for me? Go oooooooon...

Topshop Premium Faux Fur Panel Coat - £110

Zatchel Leopard Satchel - £93

   Rokit Vintage Suede Faux Fur Trim Ankle Boots - £36

H&M Faux Fur Stole - £12.99

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