Cheers To The Freakin Weekend

Thursday, 8 December 2011

If there's three things I love most in this life it's booze, meat and hot Welsh lads and boy did Weekend Offender do a 'Saville' and fix it for me this week!

19 D'arbly Street, Soho recently became home to fun-loving streetwear brand Weekend Offender's new flagship store and what better way to get acquainted with your neighbours than a right old knees up eh? Thrusting out an assortment of deliciously dutty beats (yes dutty) you could hear the shindig long before you could see it, and believe me twas an event you'd be hard pushed to miss. I arrived to oodles of both London & Wales' uber-cool scenesters spilling out onto the street as those crammed inside perused rails of the brand's latest clobber, Budweiser's in hand. Now those who know me well are aware that the way to my heart is most definitely though my belly and I reckon Weekend Offender got that memo as upon entry to the store I was presented with tray upon tray of Bodean's ribs, wings & pulled pork. Yep, it got messy. 

Once I had finished stuffing my face and licking my fingers clean in a most uncouth fashion I got to grips with the brands AW11 collection, an innovative range of casual menswear influenced by the diverse trends of British youth subculture with a quirky and deviant Weekend Offender twist. My absolute faves had to be their ROGUE graphic tees and sweatshirts, a tongue-in-cheek reference to the fashionista's bible whose supermodel cover-girls have been replaced with the world's ultimate bad-ass mofo's such as George Best, Charlie Sheen & Pablo Escobar. Genius.

Got to get me one of these bad boys (size XXXXS obvs)

At 9pm the party moved on to Soho's underground St Moritz Club where not only was I plied with copious amounts of complimentary voddie and treated to live performances from both Mikill Pane and DJ's Joe and Will Ask, I also found myself in the company of a ridiculous amount of mighty fine Welsh lads. Oh how I do love a regional accent. Drawn like a little moth to a massive tattooed flame I was, in this case Dirty Sanchez frontman Pritchard. Yum. 

OW! Eni and I got close enough to smell, neigh, touch the FIT. 

Weekend Offender co-founder Rhydian with pal Pritchard

The large Welsh contingent at this event can be solely attributed to the duo that founded the brand, Valley boys Sam Jones and Rhydian Powell. Hailing from Merthyr Tydfill established store owner Jones, together with creative graphic designer Powell, decided to put their vast industry experience to good use and thus in 2004 Weekend Offender was born. The distinct and mischievous design of the brand's product offering combined with the effortlessly laid-back and likable nature of the team behind it ensure that Weekend Offender is set to become a cult name and one that you (yes you!) will want on your back this weekend, or next, or most definitely the one after.

Three cheers to the Weekend (Offender).


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