Baby I'll Paint The Sky Blue.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Two days after the birth of his 'child with the child from Destiny's Child' proud father Jay-Z announced the birth of his daughter Blue Ivy Carter the best way he knows how, with a song. Ladies and gents I present to you Glory. Produced by N*E*R*D frontman Pharrell Williams this emotional ode to his firstborn tugs on your heartstrings something ridiculous and guarantees goosebumps with lyrics such as 
'The Most Amazing Feeling I Feel,

Words Can't Describe What I'm Feeling For Real, 
Baby I Paint The Sky Blue,
My Greatest Creation Was You,
You Glory'

Jigga also gives us a little insight into his fiercely guarded relationship with the First Lady of pop revealing that he and Beyoncé struggled on the path to parenthood having previously suffered a miscarriage 
'Last Time Miscarriage Was So Tragic,

We Was Afraid You'd Disappear But Nah Baby, You Magic'

Now truth be told I was planning on writing a strongly worded email to the Carter's conveying my fury at their blatant plagiarism of my Goddaughter Bluebell's name, KMT. That was until I heard the newborn notorious B.I.C spit, or should I say gurgle, her first few lines at the end of the track. I swear to sweet lord baby Jesus that shit right there made my womb contract. In the good way.

One thing is for certain, made from 'a pinch of Hov, a whole glass of B' Blue Ivy is by no means ordinary, in fact I think this little starlet in the making may have conducted her very first miracle and unearthed my Mothering instinct. Yikes. I just wonder if Madam Carter will use her powers to fight crime or for evil? 

You can listen to Glory here - I double dare you not to get misty eyed!

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