I Can Sing A Rainbow.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012


Red and yellow and pink and, well orange and green and blue but I'm sure you catch my drift. This ombré dyed Topshop lovely seduced me with it's vibrant colours and chunky stitching, guaranteed to add a sprinkling of sunshine to even the gloomiest of winter days. With it being such a jazzy (yes jazzy) piece and me being a huge advocate of the 'less is more' approach I opted for pairing it with a simple yet stylish combination of skinny jeans and Chelsea booties. 

These bad boys are Topshop's very own Leigh supersoft skinnies and OMDAAAAYZ how I adore them. As I am, how shall I put this?, somewhat vertically challenged I tend to purchase denim from the petite range which are cut for women under 5'3" and fit my primordial frame like a glove. My boots are none other than this Autumn's highly coveted Allegra boot and it was literally lust at first sight. Hidden platform? Check? Block heel? Check. Comfy as fooook? Double check. Definitely one of my best buys of 2011.

This little ensemble had its first outing on Saturday with a trip to All Star Lanes where I showed myself right up and possibly earned the title of World's Worst Bowler. I more than made up for my shortcomings however, in a sport where I am supreme champ. Eating. Don't let the size 6 stature fool you my darlings, I can put away a LOT. For starters I inhaled both the BBQ wings and chilli pot with taco shards, I demolished my main of salt beef bagel, fries and a side of mac'n'cheese and for dessert I polished off a Piña colada tart. Say suttin'.


  1. Oooh I love a new blog find. Love this jumper too - I have it :) You totally have a new follower xxx


    1. YAY! You're OBVS a woman of great taste Anna! Really enjoyed your blog too - especially the pink blazer post - gots to get me one of those! xxx

  2. Those Allegra boots are the comfiest shoes in the world! :D

    1. Right Arabella?! So comfy AND they go with everything! xxx

  3. Replies
    1. Cheers meaw - they still have it in stock - defo a great spring cover up! go treat yourself! xxx