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Monday, 23 January 2012

After rocking an elfin crop for the best part of 3 years I have made the controversial decision to grow out my hair. I know right?! Not only am I dreading the inevitable 'in-between' stage that will without a doubt see me sporting some kind of mullet, I am also anxious that by lengthening my lid a little I may in fact be losing a whole lot of 'me'.

Aside from my height, or should that be the distinct lack of it, my short back and sides coiffure has developed into a kind of LOLLI trademark with folk frequently commenting on how much my current hairdo 'totes suits' me. Even fashionado Givenchy remarked that a 'hair style is the final tip-off whether or not a woman really knows herself'. Gulp. No pressure then.

As fond as I am of my short pixie crop when accompanied by my extraordinary potty mouth and penchant for buttoned up shirts this style doesn't really do me any favours in the 'girly' stakes. And yet a noggin laden with long, lustrous locks certainly isn't my thang either. So I find myself in a bit of a bind - how can I achieve a softer ladylike look without losing my, for want of a better word, edge? 

Enter the shaggy wavy bob.

Hi Keira. Hello there Fearne. What's occurrin' Ri Ri? We saw many a celeb opt for the chop in 2011 however there are a trio of tresses that seriously float my Barnet/boat. Obvs Alexa's loosely tousled and slightly undone take on the bob is part of my hotlist. Effortlessly feminine, slightly tomboyish and, most importantly, utterly amazeballs (yeah I said it). In contrast Pixie Lott's bob is sophisticated with a sexy, rock 'n' roll shattered-out texture that literally has me yelling out 'HELL YEAH' each time I see it. Even on public transport which can be quite cringe.

There is, however, one young lady whose high impact, low maintenance mane is worthy of an A* and that young lady is Vanessa Hudgens. Combining the dainty waves of the Alexa with Pixie's dishevelled cut to create a bonce which is short, flirtatious, straight down the middle and somewhat rough around the edges - now if that doesn't scream 'LOLLI' at you than I don't know what does.

I promise to keep you all updated on my fro-gress but until then if you have any handy hints on how to grow out gracefully then please shoot them in my direction.

Wish me luck!...

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