Tell No One.

Monday, 16 January 2012

The word of mouth. 
The intrigue. 
The tickets booked. 
The telegram delivered. 
The instruction given. 
The suspicion builds. 

The day arrives. 
The meeting place. 
The dress code. 
The strangers assemble. 
The procession begins. 
The street theatre
The confused passers by.
The feeling you're 'in on it'. 

The clandestine venue. 
The bomb-damaged courtyard. 
The bureau de change. 
The cocktail bar. 
The hotel rooms. 
The military headquarters. 
The post office. 
The laboratory.
The elaborate decor.  
The attention to detail.

The bevy of actors. 
The period costume. 
The playing a role. 
The audience participation. 
The never breaking character. 
The live interactive set. 
The getting lost in it all.
The plotline unfolds.

The grand finale. 
The derelict building. 
The blankets on seats. 
The opening credits. 
The big reveal. 
The penny drops. 
The leaving in amazement. 
The command to "Tell no one".

The verdict? 
The exhilarating ephemeral experience.
The alternative reality. 
The best thing I've ever done in LDN. 
The end.

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