Crazy Fur You.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012


My ever so stylish Madre bought me this faux fur stole for Crimble and I wear it with absolutely EVERYTHING. Functional and fabulous this little Wallis wonder works as an on-trend accessory when teamed with dresses, blouses, tees and fine knits or as a posh piece of outerwear once draped over a blazer, leather jacket or even my olive waxy Barbour.

In this case I used my faithful fur to breathe new life into an outfit which I have done to absolute death. My grey jumper is from H&M and has been a much loved part of my wardrobe for the past 2 years, not a bad shelf life for a £8.99 piece of knitwear is it? In fact I was such a huge fan of this classic long-sleeved style with a draped-hem twist that I also bought it in black and nude. The antique floral print mini has become one of my many many Topshop staples. Made from corduroy the skirt is warm enough for outdoor adventures, stretchy enough that it doesn’t impede me from prancing around at gigs and, most importantly, the enclosed elastic waistband allows for adequate tummy expansion for when I am getting my food on. Plus it’s pwetty too. WIN. Now the shoes, ah the shoes, are the most bargain-binious of purchases I have ever made. Believe it or not I found these desert boot wedges reduced to £12.50 in the sale at none other than OAP’s favourite BHS. Yep. At a time when Clarks next door were selling their almost identical Yarra Desert Wedges for a whopping £99 I don’t think it was possible for me to feel more jammy. Although, to be fair, I am still waiting for the day when a glam Gran plonks herself down next to me on the bus rocking identical fashwa footwear.

I actually wore this ensemble a few weeks back to a Secret Cinema screening but the images were momentarily misplaced in the photographic forest that is my Blackberry media card. As much as I’d like to divulge the details of this mysterious event all attendees were cautioned to ‘Tell No One’. And so I shan’t. I will, however, point you in the direction of a previous post which may or may not be based on my Secret Cinema experience. Ahem.  


  1. I love those shoes - perfect for the weather in London at the moment!

    1. They are super duper comfy Rachel and are great with a dress and ankle socks in the summer too - cuteness xx

  2. I cant believe your shoes are from BHS! i need to get a new pair, mine have been worn through! i like your blog alot!