I Want Candy.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Ladies and gents may I have your attention please. Having been MIA for quite a while now I am happy to announce the welcome return of a dear companion, my bumper. That's right the rear is finally here! A couple of weekends ago not only did a bad-ass blizzard see me stranded outside of Iceland in Hackney I also found myself unable to button up a pair of my most favourite jeans. Boo hoo? Quite the contrary folks. Just as I relish in a good snow storm and the chance to lovingly sculpt snow penis's onto the cars of complete strangers, I also delight in putting on a few pounds. We're not talking Aguilera proportions here, oh no, just a little bit of lard is enough to get my reet petite frame back to its softer more feminine self. And I can think of no better way to celebrate the return of my perfectly plumped bootay than by flaunting my cheeks in a brand new pair of skinny jeans.

Now as my regular blog readers will know all too well I have a massive love affair with Topshop's Leigh super soft super skinnies which I have posted about here and erm here. So you can imagine my reaction when I spied my beloved bottoms in this season's lick-smacking sherbet shades. I was like a kid in a sweet shop. Literally. Topshop have taken the lead from the likes of Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Prada and Chanel who indulged their sweet tooth's this Spring with collections frosted in pastel palettes. At £38 these delicious denims won't leave a nasty cavity in your bank balance and are the perfect way to give your winter wardrobe a much needed sugar rush. 

I still cannot decide which of these candy coloured treats will do the best job of making my derrière look good enough to eat. Bonbon blue? Pastel pink? Sherbet lemon? Perhaps I'll chew over it a little longer?... 


  1. You deserve some kind of award for that many puns in one blog post. I like the pink ones the best.

    I just bought bright green ones but I look like a cricket or something. Not quite what I had in mind!

  2. Have got some mint green jeans and just got sent a pair of pastel yellow ones, I love them! No more dark blue jeans for me!

    1. Thanks for reading hun - I am thinking minty green or a lovely lilac? Or ALL of them? xx

  3. these are so nice! the last pair is my favourite