I'll Bring You Flowers.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012


After receiving some rather lovely comments from some equally lovely blogginistas about this little ensemble I thought it best to give it some post lovin'. It was intended to be up on the blog a lot sooner but my God damn jet set lifestyle got in the way. Pah. The above was my outfit of choice for TOWIB and as bloggers are renowned for being ridiculously stylish deciding what to wear was no easy feat. Did I want to look uber fashwah? Cool and casual? Smart and sophisticated? Or Gaga-eque? In the end I opted for a look that I know best. Mine. 

Being fun-sized my Topshop Allegra boots were a definite must as I wanted to be able to look my fellow bloggers in the peepers and not the mammaries. My KD Lang barnet does enough to make me look like a lesbian without eyeballing a random birds bosoms ta very much. Although it's been done to death I still cannot get enough of the ankle sock and as it was bloomin' Baltic they were both a sensible and stylish option. As was the faux-fur stole. Natch.

The floral blouse is an oldie but goodie Toppers number which always comes out when I fancy getting my girlie on. It's flowy fit and pussybow neckline make for a slightly dressy look and as it is long in length (well on me anyway) popping a tube skirt underneath means that I can like totes work it as a dress too. I decided to finish off the outfit with my ASOS studded leather which has been a much-loved part of my life since October 2009. This beaut does an excellent job of adding a casual edge to an otherwise fairly formal get-up, wouldn't you agree?

All-in-all I don't think I did too shabby a job of dressing for my first ever blogging event and I may have even passed as a non-newbie. Success.

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