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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

If the eyes are the windows to the soul then a woman's handbag is it's living room. This extra appendage, exclusive to the female species, houses a multitude of sins, secrets and sweet wrappers which combined reveal the makings of a woman. Not the confident, bubbly, uber efficient chickadee you allow the world to see, oh no, I'm talking the unorganised Holy show that picks their nose and wipes it on the arm of the sofa. No wonder then that we have become fascinated with what lurks within our luggage and why sites such as What's In My Handbag have become such a success.

I was first introduced to WIMH via the lovely Holly of The Beauty Warde and as being a nosey bastard is a full-time hobby of mine I was instantly hooked. Having never been one to follow the herd I decided to wait for the right moment to bleat about the bits in my baggage that I simply cannot live without. Just in case the piccies above didn't give it away that moment has arrived.

Mulberry Mitzy Messenger Bag
Firstly I want to introduce you all to the star of the show, the bag. Her name is Mitzy Mulbs Mahon. Yes I named her. Mitzy is my first ever luxury purchase and the love of my life. I had toyed with the idea of treating myself to a piece of arm candy over the past couple of years but had never actually gone through with it. Until I saw her. Pebbled black leather, Mulberry embossed rivets and feminine slouchy soft lines. Twas love at first sight I tell you! Mitzy was beautiful and she had to be mine. 

Coloud Hello Kitty Headphones | iPod Nano 
Those who follow me on Twitter will have no doubt deciphered from a feed littered with gig updates and ticket purchases that I luuuuuurves me my music. Whether at my desk, on the tube or even whilst soaking in the bath I am guaranteed to have an array of delectable ditties playing loudly in my ears. So as you can imagine the day that my iTouch decided to give out so did my ickle music loving heart. Thankfully Crimbo was just around corner and a new iPod and headphones were at top of my list. I must have been a very very good girl this year as not only did old Saint Nic bring me a pink 16GB iPod Nano I also received a cute as fook pair of Hello Kitty embossed Coloud headphones. Functional and fashionable. Purrrrrrrrrfect.

Paperchase 2012 Diary | Moleskin Notebook | Kathryn Stockett's The Help
I appreciate I run the risk of sounding like a complete and utter twat here but being a social butterfly is ruddy hard work. Seriously. Juggling birthdays, dinner dates, holidays, festivals, gigs and hospital appointments means that I pretty much have to schedule in time for a poo or I'll forget to go. Fed up with being branded a bloody nightmare by my nearest and dearest this year I invested in a diary. My mini black Paperchase number may be small but Lordy does it house some mighty big plans. As does my Moleskin notebook AKA my blogging bible. I jot down all my blog related ideas, inspirations and draft posts in this bad boy. I would like to reveal more about it's contents but if I do, well then I'd have to kill you. Or at least do some permanent physical damage. Nobody wants that. In my humble opinion nothing, and I mean nothing, beats commuter consternation like getting lost in a good book. My most recent read is Kathryn Stockett's The Help and I could not recommend it more. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll feel vexed and you''ll definitely never be more grateful for an inside loo. Read. It. Now.

All Saints Studded Wallet | Cath Kidston Make-Up Bag 
My All Saints wallet has been a part of my life for almost 4 years now and like a fine wine it just gets better with age. The studs are tarnished, the leather worn and I've even replaced the broken zip with an imitation SATC 'LOVE' keyring given to me by my darling sister. Despite all it's flaws this sexy studded wallet has still very much got 'it'. No need to put it into retirement just yet me thinks. Attention all beauty bloggers, you might want to look away now as you may find the next bit quite disturbing. Ready? Right. I'm not that in to make-up. Sorry. I'm not. In fact the majority of my cosmetics collection resides in this here bird print Cath Kidston zip purse. Nevertheless the few girlie cells that bandy about my person insist on a few essentials including:
Having been blessed with fairly decent skin I have never had to wear foundation (haters gon' hate) and find that a light dusting of bronzer/blusher is more than enough coverage. My eyes however are very a different story. Sans make-up my pale-blue peepers take on a look that I can only describe as foetal. In order to avoid this I apply a touch of liner to the corners of my upper/lower lashlines, followed by a generous sweeping of waterproof mascara and finish off by coating my chops with MAC Cremesheen Glass in Loud & Lovely. Et voilà! A face that is bright eyed and foetus free. 

Molton Brown Essentials | Cath Kidston Travelcard Holder | USB Stick 
I don't know about you but this bipolar weather has been playing absolute havoc with my more senstive body parts. No not those ones. As I am fortunate enough to work for a premium British beauty brand I have access to pampering products galore. Two of which have quickly become my seasonal saviours. The vitamin E, honey and beeswax blend in Molton Brown's Vitamin Lipsaver conditions like a mofo and leaves my lips ridonk-ka-donkulously soft. Ergo it the dogs danglies. Ditto their Naran Ji Hand Lotion. It smells like Florida oranges, has SPF protection and will literally have your hands feeling silky smooth. Don't believe me? Touch them. Go on! See. The Oyster card is probably the most necessary and mundane item in any London gals hangbag but it's holder needn't be humdrum. In an attempt to make my journeys a tad jollier I carry mine in an adorable Cath Kidston Ticket Holder. Which matches my make-up bag. Natch. Finally we come to the ever so useful USB stick. A staple in any bloggers tool kit this nifty little invention allows me to safely transport my blog's creative elements and images from pillar to post. Simples. 

So... How was it for you? Feel like you know me a little better? 

I hope this intimate tour of my tote has made up for my distinct lack of blog posting over the last two weeks. By way of an apology for my absence I would like to offer you, my beautiful blogginistas, a small token. How does the opportunity to gain exclusive access to the beauty secrets of fashion, beauty and creative insiders sound? The first 10 of you lovelies to follow this link will be granted just that with an invitation to join the awesome What's In My Handbag

You're welcome. *wink*

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