Don't Want None Unless You Got Buns Hun.

Thursday, 29 March 2012

When Team Fatty and I caught a whiff of Street Kitchen’s latest carnivorous collaboration we were all over it like a tramp on chips. That's just how we roll. And so last Friday we charged Saaaaaff of the river with eyes as big as our growling guts eager to sample Patty&Bun's burgerlicious booty.

Taking up temporary residence at the infamous Street Kitchen HATCH Patty&Bun are on a meaty mission to take NYC's 'Shake Shack' model and bring "the ultimate quick service, better burger experience, over here to London". A mission that was music to Team Fatty's burger-lovin' ears. As we waited, somewhat impatiently, for The HATCH to open we painstakingly poured over the mouth-watering menu. With each and every ingredient described in delicious detail there was zero doubt that Patty&Bun takes a 'pride in our produce' approach to it's grub. "We use the finest ingredients we can get our hands on" explained founder Joe Grossmann, "we're all about doing a few things as best as they can possibly be, rather than a number of things done mediocre". And as we were about to find out the few things they do best were called José José and Ari Gold.

Up went The HATCH and in went Team Fatty. First in the queue (as standard) was Eni who was greeted by a production line of Street Kitchener's, including co-founder Mark Jankel and Mr 'Patty&Bun' Grossmann himself at the helm. Seduced by the promise of a patty loaded with cheese, tomato, chilli chorizo relish, pickled onions and smokey mayo Eni ordered the José José . As did Tash. And Clement. And Kola. Having filled my quota of beef based bites for the week I only had eyes for Street Kitchen's Foghorn Leghorn, a crispy chicken burger topped with pickled red cabbage, croutons and winchy cheese mayo. Nom. Alya and the rest of our 'Entourage' opted for Patty&Bun's cheeky cheeseburger, the Ari Gold. See what I did there? Right. Sorry.

Aside from the tongue-tingling toppings piled high along the counter it was the super slick service that caused our jaws to drop. Once Joe had taken our orders the culinary conveyor-belt sprang into action with military precision. Bun toasting. Sir. Burgers sizzling. Yes Sir. Toppings prepped. Sir Yes Sir! Within 10 minutes we were marching toward our table, branded container in hand, ready to do battle with the burger within. 

Upon peeling back the polystyrene lid I was met with one of the sexiest sights of my young life. Beautifully glazed and lusciously light the Brioche bun, which is made bespoke for the guys at P&B, played the ideal host to it's impressive interior. The croutons crunched and the winchy mayo trickled from the supple strips of chook packed into my Foghorn Leghorn. Although I received a fair bit of stick from certain members of Team Fatty for shunning red meat in favour of white (ahem Alya) I was more than satisfied with my burger of choice. The grass fed, aged, Aberdeen Angus patties that furnished both the José and Gold were cooked to perfection, so I was told. Cooked so perfectly in fact that the Team were confronted with the most significant subject of our time. Could it be that Patty&Bun's burgers trump those of MEATLiquor?!! The kick-ass combo of flavoursome ingredients certainly gave us food for thought. 

The pop-up's location also added to it's charm. The HATCH is neighbor to the Doodle Bar, a watering hole that despite being situated in the bowels of Battersea has the look and feel of an East End establishment. Brushed steel and distressed wooden furniture litter both the bar and courtyard, as do a plethora of blackboard painted surfaces that invite you grab a piece of chalk and doodle away. Of course the doodles tend to evolve from creative to crass after a cocktail. Or five. A fun, authentic atmosphere for fun, authentic food.

Luckily for you 'orrible lot the popularity of the Patty&Bun pop-up has secured it's settlement at the Doodle Bar for a few more weeks. BOOM TING. So don't just take Team Fatty's word for it, get yourselves down there this Friday and sink your teeth into Joe's juicy buns. Oh er.

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