Little Thing #001 // We Are Young

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Welcome to ITLT's brand spanking new feature which I have lovingly dubbed Little Thing - a series of short and sweet posts dedicated to one specific Little Thing or another that I think is the dog danglies. Whether it be a song, film, celeb, pie, animal or blogger that has tickled my fancy I'll be bigging it up right hurrrrrrrr.

My first ever Little Thing post belongs to the awesome new track from indie pop trio Fun.. Hailing from NYC Nate, Andrew and Jack's latest release We Are Young featuring the songbird of soul Janelle Monรกe haunted Lereese and I for the duration of our trip to LA. They played it everywhere, and I mean everywhere, be it bar, bistro, boutique or bog. As a result I have been constantly crooning and toe tapping along to this infuriatingly infectious song for the two weeks since my return. I dare you not to do the same...

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