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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

On Wednesday 15th August and with a whole two weeks until my next day of pay I was struck down with a nasty bout of fashwa fever. You know what I mean right? Your heart begins to pound, sweat beads form on ones forehead, the uncontrollable shakes kick in as does that overwhelming sense of panic that ensues when you haven't shopped for ages. In a bid to rid myself of these ills I hopped onto the t'interweb in search of an apparel-shaped antidote and happened across Dr Martens new capsule collection designed by none other than catwalk queen and international fashion icon Miss Agyness Deyn.

Loose, androgynous and deliberately awkward the collection oozes Aggy's signature grungy style with flirty floral prints, bright colour pops and accessible statement pieces giving fashionistas such as myself plenty-o reasons to surrender our hard-earned cash. I am by no means your typical Doc Martens chickadee but I was drawn to the black velvet 'Aggy Creeper' like a moth to an iconic double thick-soled flame. At £130 they ain't exactly cheap but they're defo a refreshing alternative for any bird whom, like myself, refuses to fall fashion victim to the Underground Creepers crew. No ta. 

Aggy earns serious stylista stripes for her clothing creations too offering up a bounty of 90's inspired garb such as bomber jackets, pea coats, chunky knits, velour dresses, checked shirts and printed tee's. So fetch! It's the duo of daisy dresses however that really tickle my fashwa fancy. Influenced by the floral frocks once worn by alt rock legend Kurt Cobain these button-up, nipped-in, long length lovelies are the epitome of tomboy chic and as such blates belong on my tomboyish bod. 

Last but by no means least I simply must give a double thumbs up to Aggy for her playful twist on a Doc Martens classic. Her quartet of heart shaped satchels, which take pride of place in the 29 piece collection, replicate the triple-stitch detailing of the DM original with a cheeky modcon in the form of a detachable strap that instantly morphs the satchel into a super cool rucksack! A nod to the novelty of the 90's if ever I did see one. Available in black, cherry, lilac and acid green this bad-ass baggage will appeal to the both the laid-back ladette as well as the more spirited shopper.

If you lust after Courtney Love, wanna be Winona Ryder or jizz over Juliette Lewis (not literally, gross) than the Agyness Deyn for Dr Martens Collection is just what the doctor ordered. Pun intended. 

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