Little Thing #004 // I Wanna Give You Devotion

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

I first heard Jessie's warbling wares on SBTRKT's self-titled debut album. Her deep, effortless tones set over a trippy beat on Right Thing To Do lend itself to an old skool garage sound and being an old skool garage gyal I was hooked. Brap. Queue the obligatory obsessive t'interweb search and relentless replaying of YouTube videos. Upon my investigation I found that fellow Saaaaaaaff Londoner Jessie Ware is quite the reluctant superstar, originally settling for a career in journalism and seemingly happy to perform in the shadows as Jack PeƱate's backing singer rather than take center stage. Her debut album Devotion demonstrates why she more than deserves her moment in the spotlight.

Despite Ware's dubstep inception Devotion is a fundamentally soulful offering combining a sophisticated, sensual Sade-esque vocal with crisp minimal house production from Sampha and Bashmore to create a timeless, contemporary record. In other words - this album is the absolute tits. Jessie's faultless understated yet intense voice and anti-diva approach totes works in her advantage quietly captivating her listeners rather than the grab-them-by-the-balls style adopted by her popstress peers.

The hauntingly seductive Running and outstanding cover of Bobby Caldwell's What You Won't Do For Love were firm faves of mine Devotion BC but this body of work has only gone and left me spoilt for choice. Spoilt. Sweet Talk, No To Love and Night Light have been getting some serious airtime on my stereo let me tell you. Honest, powerful and unobtrusive Devotion is the definition of easy listening set to one hell of a beat. It certainly made my heart skip a few.

Purchase. At. Once.

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