Thursday, 25 October 2012

It's my blog folks. But not as you know it. 

I've undergone a little re-vamp and am coming back at ya with a brand new name, brand new look and a brand new take on blogging. 

My little piece of t'interweb was born a year ago fueled by my clich├ęd passion for all things fashion/food/festivals and inherent need to share. However I soon found that sharing all of the things you live and love isn't so easy if you are doing and are delighted by a lot. In fact it's just plain long.  

I also found myself committing the ultimate Blogger crime. The crime of comparison. Nothing is more detrimental to a bloggette's buzz especially when you are in the midst of a quarter-life crisis. Make-ups, break-ups, a major profession predicament and subsequent emotional meltdown does not a wonderful weblogger make.

No surprise then that my online creative outlet quickly became a massive pain in my tiny, yet perfectly formed, arse.

After much soul searching and an (un)employment epiphany I am pleased to report that this little leaf has well and truly turned. Not only are there some amazing endeavors afoot I also seem to have awakened my affection for blogging - HUZZAH. 

So welcome to THE GIRL WHO STOLE LDN, a blog formerly known as ITLT // it's the little things. Written by a small soul born and raised in the big smoke hell bent on taking over the world of fashion one blog post at a time.

Watch this space homies.

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