Monday, 29 October 2012


I have now reached that inevitable point in life where my nearest and dearest are getting rings put on it and babied up left, right and bloody center and it’s all making me feel extremely spinster-esque. Well that and the wiry hairs that have begun sprouting from my chin. I joke of course, they’re actually growing from my nipples. Okay I’m kidding about the nips too. Humour masks the pain of a life destined for solitude, meals for one and industrial-sized dildos. *Sigh*

I digress.

Two years ago I witnessed a life long pal pop the question to one of my bestest bitches and two weeks ago I was present as they tied the knot at their fairytale wedding in beautiful Bournemouth. Despite looking forward to the big day for what seemed like an eternity my search for a wedding-worthy-wardrobe was a little more last minute than I’d have liked. The problem with Autumnal nuptials is that until late August stores are optimistically occupied with summertime styles and come mid-September we’re offered up garms that are more mistletoe make-out than church service.

As always ASOS came to my aid with this Cheap Monday number, a mix of bodycon and chiffon, which simultaneously covers up and clings to all the right places. It is definitely a welcome addition to my wardrobe and I can’t wait to rock it in a casual style teamed with ankle boots, chunky cardi and bare bling. My shoes were a sale steal from the Steve Madden store in LA and are the most comfortable heels I own, despite their impressive platform. I finished off the look with my £2 statement necklace from none other than the cut-price palace that is Primarni.

All in all I'd have to say that these three pieces were a match made in matrimonial heaven, but nowhere near as perfect a match as the wonderful wedded couple themselves. I want to sign out this, my first outfit post on the new blog, by sending out some serious love to my stunning sista from another mista Emilienne and her handsome hubby Russell.

 I heart you both muchly.

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  1. ooooh. You look lovely and I like your friends little lacey straps on her dress a lot.