Monday, 1 October 2012

Pinch. Punch. First day of the month. Etc. 

Yes October has landed people and with it Skyfall, AdR for H&M and a massive health kick up the arse. For thousands of folk across the UK (including my mini self) today not only marks the beginning of a brand spanking new month it also the start of STOPtober, a government initiative to support those who want to be smokefree, for life. 

Despite losing those closest to me to the c*#t they call cancer I smoke, socially. A pointless practice I'm sure you'll agree. The thing is dear readers as soon as an alcoholic beverage passes my lips those little tubes of tobacco call to me and I change into a chimney. A fool for the fags. A slave to the snout. I know all you 'proper' smokers are sat there thinking - oh whatevs Lolli it's not like you smoke everyday like me! - and you're right I don't. Yet. Here lies the problem. 

Whenever I'm stressed out, going out or going out out I find myself reaching for both a glass of vino and a Vogue Perle. Recently unemployed and unattached the devil has made work for my idle hands, namely soothing my stress levels by stepping up my social game, and as such my cigarette consumption has soared from four to almost forty a week. 


In a bid to nip this habit in the bud and avoid the oncology ward I have swapped my pack-o-cigs for a pair of Asics and am determined to remain smokefree during October, and beyond. If you'd like to do the same sign up to STOPtober for free support and advice on how to kick the habit no ifs, ands, or butts.

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