Monday, 26 November 2012


Being a part-time freelancer means that I am having to be super savvy with my spends and so last week when I had one of those days where nothing, and I mean nowt, looked good on me I threw a right wobbler. With a face like a pitbull chewing a wasp I tore apart my wardrobe and surprise sur-bloody-prise I managed to come up trumps.

This dress was an $8 LA thrift store find and despite purchasing way back in April it had been left, neglected and unloved, as I wasn't quite sure how to rock this retro wonder. Well it is quite jazzy innit? A lover of the less-is-more approach I nipped it in at the waist with a simple vintage belt and black kitten heeled Topshop boots I have owned for an eternity and had also consigned to outfit oblivion. 

No vintage look would be complete without a flush of fur and so I slung my Wallis stole over my coat (get one on eBay HERE) to disguise the leopard print collar and keep me nice and snug. THE GIRL WHO STOLE VINTAGE will be very impressed I'm sure.

Apologies that my outfit posts contain a lot of old skool clobber at the mo, tis a reflection of my funds. Would you like me to link to alternatives moving forward? Let a sista know... 

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