Thursday, 1 November 2012

Yes it's ANOTHER blog post about THAT exhibition. 

But lets face it, any dedicated follower of fashion would not have missed the opp to cast their peepers upon Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld's exhibit devoted to 'CHANEL's Classic' for all the bags in Burberry. And last week my blogging bud Lereese and I headed over to the stunning Saatchi Gallery to do just that.

As you would expect The Little Black Jacket is a chic, beauts and effortlessly cool affair with 113 photographic portraits displaying stars of fashion, film and general fabulousness all adorned in Chanel's iconic LBJ. Other than perving on my ultimate epitomes of awesome (such as Kanye, SJP and Alice Dellal) I spent the majority of my time agog at the way Lagerfeld managed to capture his subject's personalities through the styling of this timeless piece. My fave was defo a rear view of the infamously aloof Anna Wintour's bob - the definition of iconic if ever I saw one.

Whittling my post pics down to the few above was a big old bum ache having snapped each and every image at the exhibit. Loon. But being the kind soul that I am I didn't want to go ruining it for those of you who haven't yet been, all five of you.

The Little Black Jacket is open to the public until Sunday 4th November and like the best things in life, it's free, so get your Lagerfeld loving limbs down there. Live-O. 

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