Thursday, 8 November 2012


Lord how I loves me a pair of ripped jeans - it's that rough, raw edge and extra bit of oomph they give to the simplest of outfits I reckon. My little lovelies above are a Topshop special from yonks ago (as is half my wardrobe) and are still very much a fail-safe denim staple. Although older than most of One Direction you can still get the look by grabbing yourself a pair of Topshop Baxter's, some scissors and hack away. Just make sure you take the jeans off first yeah? The jacket is, wait for it, another of my Topshop togs that I managed to rescue from last years sale for a frugal £45. I intend on giving it a new lease of life by swapping the buttons for gold vintage looking ones. Bet Lynch eat your leopard-loving heart out.

I've had this fine knit H&M jumper for an age too but in my book with the addition of accessories you can definitely teach an old outfit new tricks. Primark have come up trumps AGAIN with this glorious black/gold statement neckpiece for just 8 quids and my shoesies are from the brand that can do no bad, Zara. These basic ankle strap beauts are ideal for dressing up my denim and the 3 inch heel makes them totes wearable from desk to disco, which is exactly what I did on the day in question. Note to self: NEVER wear suedette shoes to an old skool garage rave. *face palm*

Are any of you guys rejuvenating the relics of your wardrobe this season?

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