Wednesday, 5 December 2012


Back by popular demand Joe Grossman has finally set up permanent Patty&Bun residence in LDN town. HUZZAH. Housing only 30 covers Patty&Bun's cosy new digs opened to the general public last week and as somewhat of a VIB (Very Important Burger Buff) I was invited down to sample their carnivorous creations ahead of launch day.

Situated a stones throw from Selfridges this meat-lover's Mecca is raw both in terms of interior and culinary talent. Minimal metal pipework, wood and low-hung lighting contrast Patty&Bun's spirited atmosphere - partly powered by Grossman's energetic persona and roaring reggae tunes but mostly by the potent rum punch. Seriously that shizzle makes MEATLiquor's Grog taste like tap water.

Joe first introduced me to his Ari at the Doodle Bar pop-up and it was love at first bite (read the post here). Since then #TeamFatty and I have sampled all of Patty&Bun's lip-smacking stock and I knew way before I had eyed up my options that I wanted Smokey Robinson in and around my chops. Topped with cheese, lettuce, tomato, caramelised onions, smokey mayo and snuggled between two soft brioche buns Mr Robinson arrived. Perfectly pink and thick he was a bit bigger than I remembered, and he tasted better too *wipes mouth*. 

Although satisfying my time with Smokey was short and so naturally I went in search of some bits on the side. A rabble of rosemary salted fries offered themselves up to me, crisp and moorish I couldn't get enough, these cheeky chips even kept their skins on. But the climax came as a result of 8 minutes alone with 8 chicken wings. OMG. Succulent and sticky the meat surrendered itself from the bone with just a touch - a vast improvement on Patty&Bun's yawn-some wings of yore. Joe has obviously been working on his technique. After all that excitement the only thing left to do was sit back, relax, and inhale a bespoke peanut butter choc ice courtesy of The Ice Cream Union. Divine.

Go get your rocks off and your nom on at Patty&Bun's new digs as fast as your little legs will carry you. Oh and if you utter the magic words 'SHAKE & BAKE' into the bossman's earhole whilst placing your order he'll knock a tasty 20% off your chicken wing as you sip on your Wray & Ting. BOOM.

What's YOUR best burger in LDN town???...


  1. This food looks DELICIOUS! Literally mouth watering xx

    1. IT IS AH-MAZ-ING!!!! Best burgers in LDN by far!!!! x