Thursday, 20 December 2012


Prey Of London is the outrageously stylish spawn of designer Donovan Pascal and marketing minx Hannah Man who between them have been the success of fierce fashion brands such as Religion and Idol. Their cool as fook collection oozes decadent late-night London girl with luxe-knits, embellished bodycons and a rather large dollop of vintage rock attitude. Right up my road init.

When Prey popped up in Boxpark at the start of the month Lereese and I headed East eager to get to grips with the duo's dapper designs. Having been Hannah's bitch intern during my Firetrap days of yore I was excited to see if she could command the cutting room with the same sass she did the boardroom. Verdict? HELL YEAH.

Touch me textures lined the walls of Prey's trendy temporary tomb - mohair flirted with lace, leather and lurex while studs and sequins gave a naughty nod to glam. My favourite piece came in the form of an applique velvet dress that would stay for a slap-up supper then drag you out til dawn. Standard.

Prey Of London are set to return East early 2013 for some more sexy pop-up fun. Watch this space. 

Did YOU pop down to Prey at Boxpark???...

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