Saturday, 22 December 2012


Check me out all uncharacteristically organised. My attempt at Christmas wrapping normally takes place post-pub during the twilight hours of December 25th but this year I vowed to take pride in the presentation of my prezzies. Mainly because it gets me into the festive spirit and absolutely nothing to do with trying to tart up my teeny tiny gifts. Ahem. So this week I poured a glass of red, played a bit of Bashmore and began getting all crafty on Christmas's ass.

Taking inspo from Julie Andrew's and her Favourite Things I went for the ol' traditional brown paper packages tied up with string and added a little extra suttin' suttin' in the form of a candy cane. Cute eh? I found all the essentials on eBay as per and the candy canes were a bargain at only £1 for 8 at Tiger. As well as brown paper I ordered some grocery bags (100 for £1.25) which made for sweet gift bag surrogates and parcel tags on which to write yuletide messages from yours truly.

I'm well chuffed with how these little treats turned out and reckon my nearest and dearest will appreciate my handcrafted handy work. They better had anyway or I'll get busy breathalising their roasties.   

Have YOU been getting crafty this Christmas???...


  1. i always wrap my presents in brown paper, tie them up with white string and attach a white luggage label and candy cane :) it's so easy and doesn't look tacky like gift wrap does!

    1. I'm totes converted Fi - looks like you have made real effort too! x