Thursday, 13 December 2012


Late last month the unthinkable happened. I opened up my gmail and there it was, an event e-vite from ZARA. ZA-BLOODY-RA. Those in the know will *ahem* know that the don of Indtidex's brand stable almost never holds an event of the PR variety and so the launch of their brand spanking new London flagship was definitely one not to be missed.

Upon entry we were initiated into the chicest crew in town with a token bracelet bearing a gold 'London' disc while platters of bevvies were offered up by what I can only assume were actual God's gifts. Never before have I been in the presence of such a fine selection of male specimens, especially ones armed with bottles of Veuve Clicquot *fans self*. Amongst the beautiful people and the press were a bunch of us humble bloggers, all agog at these elegant new digs and the fact that we were at a bonafide Zara bash. 

Snap happy and shaking a leg with the staff Jamie was in his absolute element whereas, much like me, Kristabel, Lucy and Carrie were milling around the rails resisting the urge to splurge. No easy feat with the AW collection being so ruddy awesome let me tell you (please refer to images above). After putting away a few flutes of fizz and exploring Zara's elegant new digs I negotiated the heaving crowds and headed home. Schoolboy. I had only gone and evacuated the event prematurely hadn't I. A mere ten minutes prematurely. And as such missed out on a spine-tingling surprise performance by a little band known as The Kills. Gutted.

Like the proper pleb that I am I also neglected to bring my camera and so had make-do-and-mend with my trusty iPhone, or as I like to call it, my 4SLR. This explains the lack of pictorials - Soz. Fortunately for you lucky lot I have salvaged the feeling of sheer astonishment you are bound experience as you enter Zara's fourth London flagship for the very first time. You. Are. Welcome.

Park House plays host to the swankiest 1500 square metres on the high street. Split over three floors the new Zara flagship is sleek, sparse and stocked with the most gorgeous garms the brand has to offer. Plus the 'stripped back' layout allows you strike the on-trend apparel with the swiftness and precision of a ninja. 10 out of 10. 

Have YOU paid Park House a visit yet???...


  1. Wooow, I'm so jealous you it to go to this event, it's my favourite shop!!

    Those shoes are just amazing :) xx


  2. it was awesome hun. they never do anything like it so was so lucky to have been there! I wanted EVERYTHING though x

  3. Those shoes are incredible! Looks like a great event I would wanna buy it all! Xx

    1. They are soooo amazing right Charlie! I hope they have more events so I can perve over more of their shoes! xx