Tuesday, 4 December 2012


Would you Adam'n'Eve it?! - following five days of trailer teasers and instagram insinuations global style Goddess Kate Bosworth has been revealed as the face of Topshop's Christmas Campaign.

A vision in Oxblood opulence K-Bos proves she has more strings to her bow than just film and fashion as she sings, yes actually sings, an enchanting rendition of festive favourite Winter Wonderland. The short cinematic clip, filmed in a Fabulous Baker Boys inspired stylee, is directed by none other than Mr Bosworth aka Michael Polish and is Topshop's first ever foray into a 360° interactive digital campaign. 

You see this two and a half minute movie is so much more than your standard seasonal viral which is usually designed to create controversy, a brand-centric buzz, mega-LOL's or the warm-fuzzies. Oh no. This two and a half minute movie was designed to create one thing and one thing only - Cold. Hard. Cash. Don't believe me? Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, from Bosworth's scarlet smackers (Lips in Hazard) and sultry vocal stylings (iTunesto her glitzy bejewelled frock and footwear are for sale. Kate's glam get-up, which she co-designed with Topshop's in-house team, will be available to purchase as special made-to-order pieces from Feb 2013 to coincide with the brand's LA store opening. Natch. 

Have a butchers:

I'm pretty much over the whole 'Brand/Celeb Collab' thing to be honest. In 2005 I was one of those birds elbowing you in the chest to get my hands on Stella McCartney's silky wares at H&M Bond St. Seven years on these partnerships are now two-a-penny and the transition from A-lister to a-designer increasingly tenuous - someone please explain to me why Brad Pitt is designing furniture?! Despite all this the Kate Bosworth Topshop alliance excites me muchly, and here's why...

Topshop have taken the 'Collab' concept and shown the rest of the high street how it should be done. Properly. By utilising the dynamism of digital media, enrolling a relevant style scholar and producing high-quality lust after product Sir Phil, Phelan and the Topshop team have developed a campaign that is unique, engaging and innovative. It even gave this little digital marketing don a cyber semi.

Does Topshop's Winter Wonderland Campaign float your fashion boat???...

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