Monday, 7 January 2013

HNY my darlings.

Belated I know but I decided to take a well deserved break from the blog to focus all my attention on friends, fam-a-lam and food over the festive season. Standard. 

Have you missed me? 

No doubt you're as bored as I am of peeps publicising their 2K13 resolutions and the long-winded analysis that often accompanies them. Luckily for you this will be no such post as I be one of them what does not believe in making resolutions. Yeah I said it. Life is far too fickle folks, positions change as do priorities and I know that what is of utmost importance to me in January is bound to be a minor misgiving come March. Instead I'll continue on my endeavour to improve ones mind, body and soul by adhering to these wise words - Learn To Love What's Good For You

Whether it entails flicking through a good book instead of your Twitter timeline, downing just one bottle of vino in favour of the usual four or less time spent focussing on the accomplishments of others and more time appreciating your own; a few tiny tweaks can make a massive impact. Happiness ahoy!

2013 not only promises the arrival of a gorgeous bubba or two and the return of Glastonbury it also ushers in the age of GIRL STOLELereese and I's exciting new business venture. For this reason January will mainly see me hanging up my dancing heels in a bid to nurse my body and bank balance back to health. I'm going to need all the might and moola I can muster to take over the world of fashion ain't I?

If you believe in superstition than you might deem thirteen as doomed, quite the contrary. My dearest Nanny G was adamant that thirteen was a lucky number and if she has anything to do with it I'm sure my year is going to be very auspicious indeed.

Get ready 2013. Imma comin'.        


  1. Love this, I feel the same way about New year's resolutions. This quote is perfect. Looking forward to seeing the new project!



    1. Cheer Michelle! It's such an apt quote for me at the moment - so excited for GIRL STOLE keep your eyes peeled!

      L x

    2. SORRY! Michaela NOT Michelle. It's Monday - FORGIVE MEEEE! x