Tuesday, 5 February 2013


Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner that when it comes to clobber of the vintage variety I am totally spoilt for choice. With pre-loved garms now de rigueur for any fashionista worth their weight in backpacks it's no surprise that the market for selling second-hand goods has rapidly become saturated. Especially up East. With rails literally overflowing with original wares Beyond Retro makes me a seriously stressed out shopper and I resent parting with my dosh at overpriced outlets such as Absolute Vintage. But then there's Blitz.

Located just off of Brickers aka Brick Lane Blitz is, in my humble opinion, the greatest vintage department store in LDN. Spread over five floors this transformed Victorian warehouse plays host to genuine handpicked, on trend and affordable vintage glad-rags galore. Whether you're a 50's starlet or an 80's R'n'B kind of gal Blitz caters for all. Being the latter I spend a lot of my time perusing the store's selection of letterman jackets, Levi 901's and bad-ass snapbacks. Dope isssssh. 

Not only can you find the most awesome apparel that the 20th century had to offer, oh no, Blitz also houses an impressive array of antique furniture and reclaimed eccentricities. I'm talking everything from broaches to bikes, luggage to LP's, sunglasses to stationary and household appliances to animal skulls - they've got the lot!

Last Thursday Lereese and I were invited down to Blitz for an evening of drinks, DJ's and discounts and we dragged the amazing Amy along for the ride. With Pino Grigio in paw we negotiated the store's wonderfully merchandised wares and chatted to a few members of the Blitz brigade. Blitz bossman John ensured our glasses remained full and TRF & Sons' Neil indulged us in a digital photography D&M whilst bubba Sid killed us with his cuteness. And dapper dress sense.

In short - Boom store. Boom staff. Boom stock. 

Have YOU been blown away by Blitz???


  1. Had a cracking time, I love this store so much...........and I got a mention in your post.. he he.. >^_^<

    1. me too! such a great laugh just wish I had more dollar to shop!!!! xx

  2. I live in London, my friend works in Blitz and I STILL haven't been. Looks amazing! x

    1. you NEED to go lady. like NOW.

      also spotted you in one of my pals pics - Anton Boner - teeny tiny world!!!


  3. I Love me some Brick Lane on a Sunday, haven't been here but I would really love too! x