Sunday, 10 February 2013


Hi my name's Rihanna and I'm a smokin' hot babe. Literally. 

Puffing on one of her beloved blunts the Bajan beaut poses in a barely-there bodysuit and minimal slap for sutterbug supremo Terry Richardson in this steamy photoshoot for Rolling Stone. Revealing far more than her stunning silhouette and impressive inventory of tatts the piece gives us a unique insight into the singers personal life and that reconciliation.

Despite being a massive fan of Ms Fenty I am in no way a fan of the c*nt the kids call Breezy. Not at all. He is a vile excuse for a man that does not deserve to breathe the same reefa riddled air as our Ri let alone her bed. That being said I am also bored of the endless earbashing Rihanna has received as a result of her decision - controversial I know - but before you all get up in my grill (I'm looking at you Caroline) let me explain why.

Rihanna has had to deal with the man she loved beating seven shades of shit out of her. And deal with it in the public eye. Anyone who has ever had their heart well and truly bruk will appreciate that try as you bloody well might you can't always switch off your feelings. I can't be the only one who has gone back to a complete wrongun can I? No. Ignoring mass protests from famo and friends I learned the hard way that leopards never change their spots and this is my point exactly. This is her rite of passage. This is her mistake to make. So lets allow her to make it eh?!

As for those harping on about how much of a 'bad role model' Rihanna is I simply roll my eyes at each and every one of you. 

Robyn Fenty is a 24 year old woman at the top of her game and instead of celebrating her success us female folk are finding fault. Ri is a Bajan bird who smokes weed - SHOCKER!!! Whitney was smoking crack and Winehouse was injecting smack yet we idolised them. And how can we get aggy about her provocative poses when Madonna simulated sex on stage?!?! To quote LMFAO Ri is sexy and she knows it and good for her. If I had a bod anything like hers you'd have to pry me out of my birthday suit pal.

In conclusion - Rihanna is not perfect. Rihanna is human. And in this day and age if you are allowing your children's morals and social etiquette to be influenced by celebrity you do not deserve an opinion. You deserve an ASBO.

I'm off to bask in glory of RiRi's glutes. #PhuckYoHaters.

How do YOU feel about Rihanna???


  1. I love me some RiRi; she's smokin'.

    P.S. Only just started reading your blog and I love it! Good job