Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Man I loves me a burger. Having missed their short stint in Shepherd's Bush like a foolio I could not wait to get down to BBQ Whiskey Beer's new digs and chow down in a hardcore stylee. Situated just off Edgware Road The Wargrave Arms is wonderfully cosy and full of character. Low hanging stained glass lamps, leather sofas, roman candles and knick-knacks galore make The Wargrave a charming setting in which to sample BWB's malt and meaty wares.

A giant blackboard boasts an impressive selection of English, Irish, Scotch, American and Japanese whiskeys as well as a mouthwatering menu of scrumptious barbecued scran. Overwhelmed by our options my main bitch Maggie and I decided to forfeit a starter and made a beeline for the brioche encased burgers - a decision we immediately regretted after catching a glimpse of the glazed chicken wings and it's buddy, blue cheese dip. 

Licking our wounds (and lips) we finally placed our order. I plumped for the Pulled Pork, a bun piled high with succulent shredded pork and crunchy homemade coleslaw that was so moreish I wanted, ahem, more. Mags braved the beastly BBQ Pork Burger. A 7oz beef patty plastered with cheese, coleslaw, bacon and a big old dollop of pulled pork for good measure. How we also managed to polish off a portion of onion rings and triple cooked chips remains a mystery. *wonders why jeans won't button up*

Despite being utterly delicious I cannot help but feel guilty when I enjoy eating a patty and bun that does not belong to Patty&Bun. It feels as if I am cheating on my burger beau. Instead I am going to see BBQ Whiskey Beer as my bit on the side that I'll snatch sexy little moments with in darkened corners. As much as I adore the solace of a Smokey Robinson sometimes a girl needs a fried chicken burger willing to smother itself in jalapeƱo cheese to spice up her snacks life.

Have YOU succumbed to the charms of BBQ Whiskey Beer???

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