Friday, 19 April 2013


Well Hit Me Baby One More Time Motel really pulled it out of the inflatable bag at their AW13 Press Day last week. Transforming their showroom into 90's teen dream team Motel knocked up a bodacious bedroom complete with fluffy cushions, lava lamp, Polly Pocket's, boyband posters (hi there Nick Carter) and Spice World the Movie on VHS. On repeat. But that wasn't the only piece of 90's nostalgia. Oh no. Upon entry the lovely Lucia promptly offered Lereese and I either a slushie or a bottle of Hooch - yes HOOCH - before inviting us to snack on sushi, retro sweeties and Pop Tarts. Cue regression into 13-year-old Lolli Mahon *squeal*.

Jacked-up on sherbet straws and alcopops I perused rails teaming with 90's revival trends. Hypnotic rave prints on bodycon pieces that would look right at home in Deee-Lite's Groove Is In The Heart vid sat against furry knits, ethnic art, tie-dye sweats and ditzy daisy prints a la Drew B. Monochrome is still major for Motel's AW13 range with pops of neon pink and playful purples thrown into the mix too. Two pieces I'm particularly eager to get my mitts on are the awesome acid wash Sugar and Penny denim dresses, I'd happily rock these with my Dr Martens and Lennon specs to many a festival this summer. IF we ever get one that is.

After perving over Motel's lush products we got our hurrrr and hands did. The marvellous Madina decorated our digits with stunning henna designs that would have Gwen Stef eating her Holi-loving heart out and Colour Xtreme tinted our tresses with their incredible high-impact no-commitment colour sprays. I opted for a blue'n'purple ombre effect whereas Lereese covered her topknot in a gorgeous green. Before you could say Adrian Mole it was time to zig-a-zig-aaaaaah our way over to the AX Paris event with our beaut blogger buds Arabella, Kristabel, Lucy, Laura and the delightful Delano's. Massive thanks to Motel for inviting us and for having my winter wardrobe sussed 6 months in advance.

Are YOU totes into 90's revival trends too???


  1. You need the sugar and penny dresses- they calling out for your DM clad body :)
    I can't wait fir there hand print to come out!

  2. Love all the 90's nostalgia! It's taking me right back!

    A x

    1. I know!!!! Born in the 80's LIVED the 90's xxx