Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Wednesday 22nd May 2013 was a dark day in our capital. A day when a young soldier was mercilessly hacked to death on our streets. Our home. Our London.

I am by no means the most political, or let's face it, the most intelligent of folk but the sheer ignorance I have seen both via social media and the sickening actions of the EDL have pushed me to put the world to rights. 

As a Londoner born and bred I am proud that I have been raised alongside an abundance of races, cultures and religions. I am over-the-moon that my upbringing has encouraged me to be open-minded and tolerant of others beliefs. And I am thankful that because of this I am not one of those arrogant arses giving it the old 'get out of our country' crap.

Let's get this right shall we.

These killers were born HERE. These killers were raised HERE. In the UK.

This atrocity has NOTHING to do with religion or immigration but EVERYTHING to do with a total lack of respect for life and a major loss of control by our Government who have created a 'Nanny State' that breeds indifference. It is the absence of integration and education within OUR communities that has led to this culture of discrimination and fear not the teachings of Islam.

Rather than rioting in the streets and casually committing hate crimes we should be united in thought and prayer for the innocent life lost today. 

And instead of fighting one another we should be fighting for change, for justice, for understanding, for OUR London.


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