Tuesday, 21 May 2013



Burger & Lobster FINALLY happened to my mouth last week and OMFG was it worth the wait. Hidden away in the monied streets of Mayfair you'd think that dinner here would mean a re-mortgage or relying on the generosities of a decrepit Sugar Daddy right? Wrong. At Burger & Lobster you can chow down for a cheeky £20. Menu's are a myth, instead you are offered three options in exchange for your score - Burger? Lobster? Lobster Roll? Simples!

Being a bit of a burger buff if I fancy a gob full-o-beef I'll head straight to Patty&Bun ta muchly and so lobster it was. Having heard tremendous things about the lobster roll I placed my order and selected an alcoholic bev from their ample menu of aperitifs. After eyeing up the colossal crustaceans that exited the kitchen like a medley from The Little Mermaid our grub arrived. Presented on a large silver platter, accompanied by a side salad and fries, was a brioche bun with the perfectly pink meat of a whole lobster bursting from it's buttery bosom. Lord. Have. Mercy.

Happily the lobster roll more than lived up to the hype. Marinated in lemon butter the meat melted in the mouth and was so nommy nommy I inhaled every last morsel. Next time I'd defo give the lobster (served either grilled or steamed) a go - if only to buss the infamous Burger & Lobster bib.

Have YOU been to Burger & Lobster???