Tuesday, 23 July 2013


A cultural hub of outright awesomeness Somerset House has to be one of my very fave spots in my home town of LDN. No surprise then that when their Summer Series rolls around I'm all over it like Kim on Kanye. So taking the all too familiar stroll along the Embankment a couple of weeks back I made my way to the most magnificent of venues excited to see my super-talented bud Kola Bello perform alongside Alex Clare.

This wasn't the first time I'd seen Alex Clare live and it definitely won't be the last. For those of you who don't know about Alex's mad singing skills please slap yourselves then have a listen HERE. Despite the vastness of this outdoor venue I love how it manages to attain a sense of intimacy, the ideal accompaniment for Mr Clare's powerful, passionate and painfully sincere vocals. Kicking off the set with a thunderous instrumental intro from the band Alex took to the stage and launched into a string of The Lateness Of The Hour hits - Relax My Beloved followed by Whispering, I Love You and Sanctuary all of which the crowd echoed word-for-word. Magic. Covers of Gyptian's Hold Yuh and my absolute fave When Doves Cry set the audience alight. In fact I'd go as far as to say that I prefer his Prince cover to the original. Yeah I said it! And what? 

Intense, genuine vocals set against drum'n'bass beats make Alex Clare's musical stylings a proper bit of me. That and his magnificent face full of fur. I melt in the man's presence, an actual puddle situation. Serious. But on this night in particular L Money was more of a lake than a puddle. A lake full of love for the man and his band who in the words of Drake (kind of) had started from Southwark and now they were here. And from the new material they treated us to that summer evening I think it's pretty safe to say Alex Clare is still very much on the up.

MASSIVE thanks to Kola Bello for inviting me along.

Are YOU also having a musical love affair with Alex Clare???

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