Friday, 30 August 2013

I don't know about you lads and ladettes but all my fave bits of clobber have some kind of story behind it. My Frank Usher sequined cape unearthed in an LA thrift store wouldn't feel as special if I'd had ordered it online. And no way Josè would the gorgeous gold band on my index finger be a permanently placed if it wasn't given to me by my Grandmother. Probably the reason why I've recently become a little obsessed with the exotic trinkets of Gypsy East.

Gypsy East, formed of creative chicks Olivia, Emily and Sylvie, specialise in fashioning one-of-a-kind clothing, crowns and charms from the treasures they've discovered during their worldly travels. Bangles from the bustling markets of Bangkok, crystals uncovered in Aboriginal Oz and reems of brass rings from Rajasthan. Each and every piece feels as if it's encased in adventure. This crafty trio are Bestival bound next weekend with HMS themed headdresses galore but if like me you'll be left on dry land you can still bag yourself some Gypsy East booty HERE.

Do YOU dote over Gypsy East too???