Monday, 30 September 2013

Allo kiddywinks. Apologies for the week long break in blog posts but after laying it on thick after LFW I needed some time sans screen more than Miley needs to put some clothes on. Anyway here I am back on form and keen to share a bloomin' marvellous bit of LFW related fun I had with Interflora. Pun so intended.

As flowers have inspired fashion for, oh I don't know, hundreds and thousands of years Interflora thought it would be awesome to explore how the signature styles of some of our fave designers can be expressed in floral form. But which designer? THAT was the killer question. For me there was only ever one option. HRH Viv Westwood. She embodies the ultimate in English eccentricity yet manages to maintain an air of opulence and refinery like no other. LEG-END. 

Having merged my ideas into a moodboard I was excited to see how they would be interpreted by hella talented Interflora florist Morgan. Viv has never been one to conform to the norm and this would be reflected in the shape of our bouquet. Where most arrangements would travel upwards ours would travel out - a reference to the bottom heavy billowing 18th century gowns Ms Westwood is well known for. Taking the traditional British undertones of Viv's signature styles we used wild woodland looking flowers such as thistles, agapanthus and red roses (with thorns) as the core of this piece. A stark contrast to the exotic orchids and ornamental pineapples sprouting out to convey the outlandish, primitive, punky twist Viv Westwood incorporates into all of her collections. I was blown away by the finished floral arrangement. Morgan interpreted my ideas even more beautifully then I had hoped and I could defo see Viv having this as a centre piece on a cardboard box coffee table. 

Aside from giggling away the afternoon with Morgan I also got to meet and make merry with blogger babes Sophie, Lauren-Ella, Sarah, Angharad, and Isabelle. If you think my bouquet was the bomb wait til you see what these beauts conjured up. Tom Ford, Mulberry and Paul Smith also got the Interflora treatment. Stunning stuff.

Thank you Interflora for an incredible day! You may have a budding florist on your hands.

What do YOU make of my Viv inspired bouquet???

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  1. This is a great collaboration and you look fierce on film!