Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Having caught wind of my penchant for the pre-loved online events hub Billetto UK kindly invited me down to last months Dusty Fingers Vintage Market where I was greeted by a glass of bubbles and a thrifty challenge. Scour the stalls of Hackney's only vintage flea market and see what booty I can bag for ten English pounds. Easy right?

Spanning the circumference of The Round Chapel Auditorium were tables and rails crammed with gorgeous antique goodies. Did I want a pair of tortoiseshell shades from Smoking Gun Vintage or a copy of the Ahlberg classic Funnybones from The Guerrilla Bookshop? How about a bit of antique bling from Two Vintage Vagabonds or maybe even an Action Man from Stuart's stall to keep my Barbie company? 

Spoilt for choice I headed over to Auntie M's Cakerie to rest my feet, snack on something sweet and take in the musical stylings of Mr Jack Broadbent whilst pondering my £10 purchase. Before making my final choice I schlepped a bag bursting with my superfluous fashions over to the Swapaholics section (swapping is the new shopping don't cha know) and then sought out some quality vintage clothing at the Seek and Revive Kilo Sale. But it was a pre-loved flower printed blouse placed on the rails at Second Coming Clothing that saw me part with seven hundred of my pennies. And having sampled Ma Russell's sweet and sassy preserves I was eager to swap my final three quid for a jar of her infamous Vampire Jelly. 

Sound like your kind of scene? Guess what... Dusty Fingers Vintage Market is back TODAY!!! 

Head to Hackney's Round Chapel Auditorium between 2.30pm-9.00pm for retro furniture, fashion, trinkets, tunes and much much more. Tell 'em Lolli sent you.

See YOU there???


  1. love your blog hun! just followed you on blogger, bloglovin and insta! keep in touch lovely xx