Thursday, 12 September 2013


London Fashion Week is yet again upon and as you guys may or may not know if you fail to prepare for LFW you should most certainly prepare to fail at LFW. Spectacularly. Learning some hard luggage lessons from last season (harks back to the hellish bag-strap breakage of AW13) I intend on making the next five days as fuss free as poss. Other than heat here's what I'm packing for London Fashion Week this time round:

BAG. As much as I'd love to be carrying a chic clutch on the cobbles it just isn't practical so I go for roomy and robust. Behold the Marlborough Bucket Bag

ORGANISER. Time is very much of the essence at LFW and what better way to plan out your day than with a brand new neon Filofax. Tres chic.

INVITES. I'm extremely honoured to have been invited to some sick shows this season and with a strict 'no ticket no entry' policy these bad boys be safely stored.

CARDS. Networking is a massive fun-filled part of LFW. Don't forget to brandish your business card if/when opportunity decides to knock.

CHARGER. Because when my iPhone dies so do I. Not literally. That'd be dramatic. But it is pretty much my entire world in a portable electronic device.

SUNNIES. Probably wishful thinking in the current climate change however squinting in snaps is a big fashwa faux pas.

PUMPS. Trotting from show to show can take its toll on the old tootsies and these Cocorose collapsable pumps are a gorgeous LFW God send. 

LENS. Last season I sacrificed my spare lens in favour of lighter luggage. What a mistake-a to make-a. Never again.

SLAP. Retouching ain't reserved for magazines folks. You'll want to be looking fresh-faced if you're being papped and snapped on the regs.

With my bag packed and schedule sorted I'm almost ready to roll. Just the small matter of outfit planning to take care of. Gulp. 

Are YOU Fash Week Ready???


  1. The way you write gives me so much life, haha! There needs to be more bloggers like you. xo