Wednesday, 18 September 2013


So after kicking my lurg swiftly to the kerb Sunday was most definitely Funday for little old me. Flinging on my Sophia Webster wedges I headed straight for Freemason's Hall and the Fashion Scout Graduate Fashion Showcase. I'm such a fan-girl of Fashion Scout it truly is a hive of untapped talent and in my humble opinion the street style supersedes that of Somerset House. Venturing into the vestibule of Freemason's I was met with Jaimee Mckenna's awesome ultramarine knitwear collection before falling in lust with Sadie Williams fabulous floor-length metallic gowns and Sasha Nassar's Middle-Eastern inspired streetwear; both super chic and totes wearable; unlike Maiko Takeda's prickly pieces of headgear and Angus Wiang's floral spacesuits. Although impressively innovative in their design it's not the kind of thing I'd venture to the corner shop in. Or Nando's.

Popping into Somerset House to see what was a-gwanin I caught up with my loves Laura and Clare and finally got some face time with the beauts that are Megan and Sade. I'm so lucky to have such saucy blogger buds! My pow-wow was short but sweetie as I needed to totter over to the Topshop Show Space in prep for the highly anticipated Sophia Webster Presentation. As you may or may not know I've recently been running Sophia's social media and so was lucky enough to catch the buzz backstage (literally) and even managed to rub shoulders with none other than Mossy! Well her bouncers shoulders but that still totally counts. And yes, a little bit of wee did come out. GAH.

Sophia Webster's 'Supa Dupa Fly' presentation was a carnival of sassy-sophisticated-floral-cuteness. An insect sleepover with a nineties twist - what could be more apt than butterfly-inspired backpacks and boots being modelled by a beaut bad-ass model-sized butterfly? I won't go into the deets now as I have a dedicated 'Supa Dupa' post coming up but I will say a mahooosive congrats to Sophia and the crew dem for a cracking show. They worked their polka-dotted soles off.

What did YOU see on LFW day 3???

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