Tuesday, 8 October 2013

It's been a hot minute since I got my grub blog on ain't it?! Not because I haven't been munching you understand it's just that due to my dollar situation said munching has mostly been taking place indoors. Poor Lolli. However on the few occasions I have treated myself of late it's been at my tasty local Thai restaurant, Thaiphoon

Situated amongst the treelined terraced houses of Wandsworth Bridge Road Thaiphoon boasts a bulging menu of authentic Thai street food with a contemporary twist. Classic Thai tasties such as Green Curry, Pad See Ewe and Papaya Salad sit alongside the not-so-traditional Lamb Shank Massamun, Prawns In Blankets and a noodle dish simply dubbed Hangover Remedy. Getting the mouth party started from the off we went for the sharer starter platter Lost In Thaiphoon. A plate piled with sesame prawn toast, tempura veggies, spring rolls, pork dim sum and the scrummiest chicken satay you ever did taste. Seriously NOM. Our mains consisted of a creamy Penang Curry with coconut rice (which arrived in a coconut shell - FYI) and a trusty Pad Thai. Fresh and flavoursome I was transported back to the tuk tuk laden lanes of Thailand with each and every moreish mouthful. 

And it wasn't just the generous portions that left me feeling all smiley inside. Wooden table'n'bench combos adorned with woven placemats and tea-lights, graphic printed walls and brightly coloured knick-knacks; Thaiphoon's down-to-earth decor gives the gaff a laid-back 'come in out of the cold' vibe. Not to mention the warm welcoming nature of restaurant owners Max & Pye. Such lovely folk. What's more the restaurant even has a dinky little deli stocking the same ingredients they use in their delish dishes.

If you ever find yourself in Saff Weezy give some time to Thaiphoon.  

Do YOU love Thai like I???

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  1. I need to go here. Loveeeeee me some thai food! Miss you girl xxxx

    1. miss you more babes! come down next week for some Thai? xx

  2. Just found your blog and it's so cute! I really love it! I've had a good read of a few posts and I honestly can't wait to read some more! New follower over here xx

  3. This place looks so good! I love a good Thai restaurant x

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