Wednesday, 20 November 2013

One hungover Sunday arvo whilst debating life's BIG questions - to watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians or Dog The Bounty Hunter? - I found myself mezmerized by an episode of Man vs Food that would change my eating expectations for all eternity. On his meaty mission around the US of A food fanatic Adam Richman brought me into the belly of the best roast beef joint in Brooklyn, he brought me to Brennan & Carr, an establishment that believes before serving meat sandwiches you must first submerge both beef and bun in a bath of broth (aka gravy). Is your mouth watering yet? It should be. Convinced such culinary creations were confined to NYC there are no words to describe my jubilation at the discovery of Dip&Flip.

Situated South of the river near Clapham Junction (Battersea Rise to be exact) this is a burger joint with two distinct differences. To Dip or to Flip. I opted for the 'Dip' side of the menu which houses a selection of thinly sliced meat stuffed sarnies the contents of which is dipped in a full-bodied broth, encased in a buttery soft torpedo bun and accompanied by a generous bowl of gravy. *licks lips*. Tender and succulent the melt melted in the mouth and the delicious 'dip' dripped all over my fingers. I don't know about you but for me the sign of a good feed is having to reach for a roll of kitchen towel.

Lucy went for a slightly 'healthier' option from the 'Flip' side (see what I did there? Cool) with a Dip&Flip burger minus the bun. A chunky perfectly cooked patty topped with cheese and a pile of gravy soaked beef this is hardly a meal to leave you wanting but Lu being Lu wanted all the trimmings. 2x salad bowls, gherkins galore, a poached egg and sprinkling of chillies. Yep. Washing down the feast a bowl of broth her feedback was flavoursome and filling. Defo giving the Dip&Flip a go on my next visit. 

Suckas for the sweet stuff we gave in to the handmade Dessert Deli afters. Mine was a double shot situation - Banoffee Pie and Chocolate Mousse & Honeycomb - the most perfect bite size pallet cleaners I ever did munch. Lucy went for the moreish Chocolate Salted Caramel Pie with Double Cream that was richer than the Hilton's. In a good way.

Rolling back onto the main road I didn't know whether living so close to this downright delish Dip&Flip  gaff was a good or a bad thing but I do know that I'll most certainly be back. Hasta La Vista... Gravy. 

Are YOU a glutton for gravy too???

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