Sunday, 1 December 2013


After launching a fresh look THE GIRL WHO STOLE LONDON I decided to give myself a well-earned weeks break from blogging and spend time sans screen. Hope ya'll didn't miss me too much?! You may have clocked a badge boasting the #AccessAllASOS hashtag on my sidebar and that's because this lucky lil ladette is now officially part of the ASOS Insider crew dem. Aside from exclusive collection previews, discounts and the odd freebie as an ASOS Insider we occasionally get invited to awesome events and so last Saturday I found myself rocking up to ASOS HQ and enrolling at #SelfieSchool. Yep. It is an actual thing.

Phone photography pro Olly Lang aka @Oggsie offered up his expertise, the likes of which he has shared with the V&A, Burberry and Mercedes Benz, to us mere mortals in attempt to get us all taking the perfect selfie. Following a quick session on the history of the selfie and why Snow White would have had the best insta around Olly revealed the 'must-have' apps in his mobile-photo-taking toolbox. If like moi you are an Apple addict and have the iPhone stop what you are doing and download the following for all your photo editing needs:
  Pro Camera 7         Snapseed         VSCO Cam

After a swift masterclass in making the most of these apps with the lush Laura as his volunteer we were split up into groups and issued a set of selfie challenges. First up was the daunting task of taking a 'Natural Selfie'. #NoFilter. Luckily for us ASOS HQ has sick natural lighting and so we managed to brave bearing all without too much trauma. Next we used apps such as PicFrame to perfect the art of the 'Combination Selfie' by picking out the all important outfit deets and creating a collage. But with only 3 boxes to utilise which details would we choose? Getting all emo on us the 'Dramatic Selfie' challenge was the most difficult to get right. All low light and exposure locking expertise were put into practise and I cannot wait to give this a go at a discotheque during party season. 

Breaking up the selfie assault we were treated to a tour of the ASOS studios and even got to take to the infamous ASOS catwalk. I was in my element naturally. Strutting my stuff clearly gave me a confidence boost as before I knew it I was mimicking Kim K for the 'Mirror Selfie'. As you do. So good was my impression that Olly chose me as the overall winner on the day! My bumper bagged me a Mini Diana Lomography Camera! BOSH.

Thanks ASOS and Olly for a snap happy day!

Shall I add Selfie Queen to my CV???

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