Thursday, 2 January 2014


HNY my lovers.

We survived. Just about. I don't know about you but all this 'New Year. New Me. New Start' business does my swede in. Everyday presents you with an opp to achieve your goals and a chance to change what isn't working for you not just the ticking over into the next 365. That being said I do appreciate the freshness that the new year brings and the perspective it provides. 

This time in 2013 I had leapt head first into freelancing in a bid to figure out my career calling whilst Lereese and I worked tirelessly to usher in the age of GIRL STOLE. Fast-forward 12 months and yours truly is lucky enough to have landed her dream J.O.B and my beautiful bestest has upped sticks to Stoke-on-Trent taking a sizeable chunk of my heart with her. Sob. Indeed 2013 had its challenges but what year doesn't?! It's how you deal with them that is the making of you and the moulding of your future. 

So instead of resolutions I shall continue on my quest to improve ones mind, body and soul by adhering to these wise words - Learn To Love What's Good For You. And here's how I'll be doing it expressed through the medium of Drake's lyrics:

1. Do It For Yourself You The F*ckin' Coldest.
Despite testing the theory to it's fullest during 2k13 it seems that you simply cannot burn the candle at both ends without a severe scorching. As such I've decided to take better care of myself this year. And I'm not just talking eating clean and training dutty. Whether it be getting my full eight-hours beauty kip, having a relaxing bubble bath instead of a short shower or taking a mere 20 minutes to have a cuppa and paint my nails of an evening I intend to ditch the debauchery (until Glastonbury. OBVS) and devote more of my time to the most important person in my life. Me!

2. Oh You Fancy Huh.
Having lived off next to zero moola for the majority of the year being the recipient of an actual real life salary again has revived my urge to splurge. Big time. However being a whole year older I've decided to be that little bit wiser, in money terms anyway. Instead of spending less on lots I'm going to spend more on less. Yup. Investment pieces mofos. Classics. From the perfect pair of denim to the luxe red lippie - it's miles more rewarding to see my hard-earned finances go further than a hole in the crotch following five wears. Chanel-o 2014!

3. Always Liked My Women Book & Street Smart.
Last year I dropped the ball in the book reading department in a major way. My lack of commute and self-employment situation meant a severe lack of opp to get nose deep in a novel so I intend to rectify this twofold in 2014. Not only am I making it my mission to devour a book a month I'll also be treating my noodle to some aesthetic stimulation by procuring a coffee table book each pay day. Merchant Of Venice for the mind and Mario Testino Portraits for the soul.

I'd also quite like to make Billy Huxley my bitch. Watch this space.

What's YOUR take on starting clean in 2014???

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  1. I actually started exercising already in November, so my hope is to keep it up! Also, remembering to actually take my asthma medication, because I just haven't in the last few years. too lazy, haha. And use less money, and save more.
    Hope you will have a happy year. Love your blog!

  2. I love this black and white picture and a bit look like a vintag epicture :D

  3. Hello lovely just came across your blog and it's awesome! :)

    I'm your newest follower and look forward to your next post!

    Please check out my blog if you can, thank you! :)