Saturday, 25 January 2014

Pinned It! Made It! is the brainchild of my fabulous friend Plum and homeware extraordinaire Sarah who get high helping us busy LDN folk cater to our creative sides. Inspired by the millions of marvellous crafts on Pinterest the PIMI gal (and boy) dem gather once a month at The Book Club and get creating everything from embellished clutch bags to floral crowns and decaled china to streams of bunting. This month I was invited down as a guest to get stuck into fresh handmade skincare with Lush Cosmetics. Do one dull winter skin woes!  

On arrival we were treated to complimentary Zico Coconut Water mocktails before being separated into two groups and instructed on how to make our very own Fresh Face Masks! First up was the Catastrophe Cosmetic - a breakout battling blueberry-based mask. The oh-so-knowledgeable Lush team, aka 'Lushies', explained the benefits of each individual ingredient as like a coven of very trendy witches we passed round the bowl taking it in turns to sprinkle and stir. Rose absolute to reduce redness, almond oil to moisturise and calamine to calm the skin. Lush indeed!

Skipping the main and moving straight from starter to dessert it was our turn to try our hand at the Cupcake Face Mask. Basically a cleansing chocolate spread fo yo face! Along with cocoa powder we added rhassoul mud to draw out impurities, fresh mint to stimulate the skin and linseed to soften. Proof that chocolate is good for us girlies. After all that pampering the Lushies demonstrated some top application techniques of the skincare trade before giving us a brief intro to their bestsellers (NEED Ultrabland in my life) and Valentines Day treats. 

Bouncing out of The Book Club goodie bag in hand I was already eager for the next Pinned It! Made It! partay. Not just for the naturally crafty PIMI nights are a fun alternative night out with the pals or to meet like-minded peeps. You can keep up-to-date on upcoming Pinned It! Made It! events over on FacebookTwitter and of course Pinterest. I'll be getting right involved in their Embellished Tights Event on 11th Feb and you should too! Get your tickets hurrrrrrr.

Are YOU a crafty kid???

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  1. I love the cupcake face mask. I find it calms my skin when I am suffering from breakouts x

    1. I've used them both up already. Literally LUSH! xx