Monday, 14 April 2014

During my recent foray to the U S of A my head was turned by a beaut of a brand called Club Monaco. Founded in Toronto during the year of my birth (1985 innit) the brand's plan was to bring us affordable luxury with a distinct urban-casual edge and that it bloody well did. Stumbling into their 5th Ave store I cooed over a collection of minimal yet magnificently designed pieces whilst warming me cockles from the below zeroes outside. I'd love to have got my shop on in a serious stylee but a pending dinner reservation dictated my visit be short but mighty sweet. That was until I entered The Galleria Houston on the second leg of my trip to the Lone Star State.

So fresh was the Club Monaco Houston store that a faint aroma of paint floated through the air but it wasn't the fumes that had me all light headed, twas the fashion! I've long described my personal style as basic with an edge and I've finally found a brand that does this to per-fec-tion. Crewneck fine knits in muted tones sit alongside the most beautifully crafted black leather bomber I have EVER seen - well since my Avirex days anyway - silk spotted shirts, metallic jacquard skirts and a range of footwear that screams 'trendy NYC chic' but whispers 'more comfy and affordable than I look'.

And don't get me started on the VM. An eclectic mix of modern mansion and vintage with quirky accents such as rolled up song sheets, hat stands and chests gives the store added layers of interest not to mention the placement of the product which make it a joy to shop. When you're finished falling in love with the above there's another hook. Books. Dotted strategically around the store nodding photography, fashion and music in my direction Club Monaco got me. Got me gooooood.

If you need me I'll be busy avoiding their only UK standalone in Westbourne Grove. 

Does Club Monaco sound like a bit of YOU too???

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  1. I would literally sell my soul for half of that clothes