Friday, 25 April 2014

Guess what?! My bestest burger joint the whole of the world that is LDN has gone and opened its doors a mere stones throw from my place of work. That's pretty BIG tingz in my lickle life. Plotting up at Liverpool St Patty & Bun's second permanent residence in the capital is set to cater to the meaty needs of city's banking community. And then some. Offering up all the P&B classics to be eaten in or taken away via their clever collection hatch founder Joe very generously invited myself and my entire Warehouse crew to place our orders during their soft launch. And that we did. All 22 of us.

The new gaff's raw interior contrasts the dynamic culinary talent. Exposed brick, minimal metal pipework, wooden fixtures and low-hung lighting make for a blank canvas on which to splash the incredible culinary creations that exit the kitchen. I opted for my long-term lover Smokey Robinson as per and the team went in on the entire menu ordered everything from P&B's signature Ari Gold cheeseburger to the oh-so-spicy Jose Jose. Even the veggie option Dig It got a look in. The food was fast, the flavours were full and the queue on opening day was about a mile long. If that doesn't tell you all you need to know you're a massive tit.

Get your chops round Patty&Bun's meaty wares ASAP. You're happy tummy can thank me later.

Has Patty&Bun tempted YOU yet???

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