Sunday, 1 June 2014

During March of this year I packed a rather large bag and headed across the pond to pop my NYC cherry. After an eventful seven hour flight (the fella sat next to me just had to show me images of his barn being built) I was racing over Queensboro Bridge in the back of a big Yellow Taxi with the Manhattan skyline hitting me like a lightening bolt. Twas a true 'Big Brother Highlights' moment.

As it was my first time taking a bite out of the Big Apple it was only right that I got my tourist on in a hardcore stylee. Top of my list was Top of the Rockefeller *cue Home Alone 2 geek out* where I found Professor Brian Sox swapping his telescope for a viewfinder on't top deck before we headed off to pay our respects at the totes emosh 9/11 Memorial and visited the oh-so-iconic Grand Central Station. Basically I spent the entire day feeling as though I was on a film set. And I kind of was to be fair.

Anyone who knows my fam-a-lam knows that the irish force is mighty strong and so you can imagine my piss-my-pants excitement that I'd be in New York for the infamous St Patrick's Day Parade! GAH. Ahead of the main event I edged my way down Fifth and into the impressive St Patrick's Cathedral where I spotted a certain Don Cottone confessing his sins and lit some candles for my most loved & lost. Drums-a-drumming and bagpipes-a-piping the parade itself was bigger and better than I could have dreamed. I nearly cried actual tears about six times. Having made besties with a bunch of Orange County Police folk (as you do) we all headed off to Connolly's for a feast of booze and band music. Funnily enough I don't remember much after that.

My final day in my new favourite city came far too quickly for my liking and I decided to drown my sorrows the only way I know how. With a meat-based snack. Home of the ultimate sarnie and location of that When Harry Met Sally scene Katz's Delicatessen just had to get the Lolli treatment. Busy, boisterous and betrothed with more A-list celeb customers than the Oscar's red carpet it was everything my foodie-loving heart and hoped for. And then some. Ordering the legendary Katz's Pastrami with sauerkraut (OBVS) I passed by Sigmund devouring a Rueben. Well he did say 'Time Spent With Katz Is Never Wasted'. Sorry.  

Almost three months on I still cannot believe I lived and breathed the Big Apple. It is hands down one my fave places on the planet and if I have my wee way I'll be back there with a cherry on top before you can say 'Across 110th Street'.

Have YOU ever been to see NYC???

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  1. Amazing pictures, and so glad you had a great time!! I am so looking forward to going to NYC some time

    1. Thanks lovely! Was the trip of a lifetime!

      L x