Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Last month the gang over at British Airways invited me to take a little trip. Literally. 3D scanned and molded into a true-to-life mini me my diddy doppelganger was whisked away on a cultural tour of Prague to celebrate the launch of British Airways' Last Call campaign. As you do. Last Call is an awesome new area on the British Airways site that houses a variety of great value flight + hotel deals - 3 nights in Barcelona from £159 anyone? - making getting your mitts on a last-minute getaway as easy as ABC. 

Reading from scan data the 3D Printer layers 0.1mm of ceramic powder colouring and bonding the edge of each layer as it goes. The figurines are lifted out of any excess powder, cleaned with air jets and dipped to both seal and enhance the colours. Et voila! An even littler Lolli. *plots world domination via the creation of a little Lauren army*

Before setting off I gave my small sidekick an itinerary of sizable sights to visit and with Prague being near the top of my tourist to-do list I have to admit I was well jel. Astronomical clock, Powder Gate, Charles Bridge & St Vitus Cathedral - my mini made quite a dent in the capital's colossal culture hot spots before finding time to tuck into some local tipple. A girl after my own heart!

Have you treated yourself to a Last Call trip lately???

 photo LOLLI_SIG_zps76dbf040.jpg


  1. This is brilliant! My boyfriend was telling me about this the other day and I didn't believe him but now I've seen it for myself. Not sure if I might find the 3d printing of a mini me a little scary though??


    1. It's so strange! Hoping I get to go to Prague for real one day it looks amazing :)

  2. How fun!

  3. This is absolutely amazing!

    Take care!