Saturday, 26 July 2014

For almost a decade now a swig of an alcoholic bevvie has been accompanied by a long deep drag of a fag. That's right homies. I'm a social smoker. Back in the days before 'The Ban' - yes I am that old - I could happily have a couple of puffs on a pals ciggie and be done with it but since it's become a party in the pub-garden affair I've only gone and got myself addicted ain't I. Despite that fact that it smells bad, tastes vulgar and makes you poorly sick in the fatal sense I bloody loves it, thus my struggle to kick the habit has somewhat failed. Spectacularly. 

Enter Vapestick.

Having heard of my mission to become a buff ting (with the help of my main man Mounir of MG Fitness) the team at Vapestick kindly sent me over various sets of e-cigs to help me stub out once and for all. Firstly I gave the V1 Disposable in Original a go but being a menthol girl it was always going to be the V1 Menthol wasn't it. I loved the fact that the V1 doesn't need to be charged but not so much that the end lights up turquoise with each and every toke. Weird. Although also a beacon of blue-tipped light I found the V3 Disposable Soft Tips a lot more 'life-like'. They felt a lot lighter and the drag was less drying than the V1 plus they come in a handy carton. Finally I used the V-Shisha Multi-Flavoured E-Cigs which have zero nicotine but lots of flavour. Less for quitting more for hitting.

In theory these Vapestick's should have knocked my cravings right on the chin yet last week over a bottle of red I reached for real thing. And enjoyed it. GAHD. Vapestick products are amazing for abstaining from the old hand to mouth action of smoking however for me it's going to take a little more than sucking on a battery to kick it once and for all. I've heard the Vapestick Clearomiser is incredible as you can inhale a lot deeper so reckon that's my next route. That and Allen Carr's Easyway. Wish me luck!

Have you managed to kick the habit with e-cigarettes???

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