Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner (soz) that despite living in the Big Smoke for my entire 29 years of life I still find it fascinating that I am always finding new places to visit and new things to try. Covent Garden, for example, is one of my most fave cubbyholes that the capital has to offer housing a sick little Japanese hair salon called Ticro, the best Zara store in Central LDN (ALL of the sizes) and Rock & Sole aka the most amazing chippie known to man. Yet having trodden the tourist clad kerbs of Covent Garden a trillion times not once had I ever set foot in the urban oasis that is St Martin's Courtyard. How?! Snuggled behind Long Acre and Monmouth SMC has everything a girl about town could care for and so recently my younger sibling and I decided to get ourselves involved with all the awesome things they have to offer.

First things first folks. Retail therapy. What better to soothe the soul then trying on the entirety of COS before slipping on the most stylish of pumps at Pretty Ballerina? After a hard morning's purchasing a pamper was in order so we hit the sensational Relax Spa to ease our weary bag-laden bodies. I opted for a Deep Tissue Massage and Sister Mahon went for the Essential Facial. Lush. Sipping on our complimentary herbal brews we were shown to our treatment rooms which smelt like a little piece of lavender-infused heaven, and looked like it too. Fluffy towels and tons of tealights adorned the room chilling me right out as the massage therapist worked her magic on my knot-riddled muscles. Professional and friendly the staff were utter babestations I'd defo recommend a visit. 

Following our spa sesh we headed over to Blow Ltd for some beautifying. Stat! We got our nails did before pimping our pretty little heads with a bit of slap. Designed to give our faces a fast and fabulous update the menu offers up three options - Day, Evening & Party. Statement lip + smouldering eyes the Evening look was an easy choice for me and my stunning sis kept it clean with a dewy Day look. All dolled up it was only right we show off our made-over mugs - to dinner at Jamie's Italian we go!.

I'd never been to any of Jamie O's establishments before and it was everything I expected and then some. Flavoursome fresh pasta dishes that left us craving more more more and making room for dessert despite being heavily preggo with a food babies. We kicked things off by sharing the Baked Chestnut Mushrooms and Crispy King Prawns washed down with bellini's - natch - before munching on mains of Baked Lasagne and Honeycomb Cannelloni and digging into dessert in the form of Homemade Brownie and Lemon Meringue Cheesecake. Lord have mercy. As we rolled ourselves out of the restaurant filled with joy and copious amounts of pasta my sis and I were already trying to plan our next trip to St Martin's Courtyard. Highly recommended ya'll.

Where's your favourite new place in your city???

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  1. I know this place well but I've never actually tried any of these, your photos make me want to! That food as well. O m g. Lovely post gorgeous! x
    Lucia | Style Confessional

    1. Babes defo get involved I was so impressed such a nice day out :) xx