Sunday, 10 August 2014

On my mission to become a 'buff ting' not only have I massively upped my training game (gracias to MG Fitness) I've also jacked in the junk food and am attempting to eat myself healthy. I'm not talking cray cray calorie controlling here folks. I'm talking changing my attitude towards food and pumping my bod with ample portions of protein and vegetation as standard. Easier than it sounds.

Hearing of Operation #BuffTing Joe Bloggers kindly invited me down to dive into the world of juicing courtesy of Curry's and their rad range of Philips juicers. Being somewhat cynical of the current trend for juice cleansing I was intrigued to get the lowdown and find out if this was indeed a fad or sure-fire health fix. With mass legging-clad bums on seats the dreamy Derry Temple of Temple Training took us through the do's and don't of juicing. 

Here's some of Derry's big juicy facts:

  -   Juice Binging Is Bullshit: Juice ONLY to get all your vitamins and minerals and to strengthen your immune system.

  -   The Great Eight: Forget your five-a-day new guidelines prove that you need EIGHT portions peeps!

  -   Give Fruit The Boot: Well kinda. Fruit juices contain muchos fructose aka sugar so keep fruit content to a minimum.

  -   Keep It Creative: Don't be afraid to add coconut water, almond milk and chia seeds to jazz up your juice!

  -   Go Green: The leafier and greener the veg the better for your bod. Pile on the spinach, cabbage and kale.

Following Derry's downlow we got to put our juicy new knowledge in to practice using a range of Philips top tech to create our own nutritious and delicious concoctions. I opted for an orange-based bevvie - and not just in flavour - carrots, pineapple and ginger got into the mix as did a cut of cucumber and a bit of beetroot. Not going to lie it tasted BOOM.

Putting our recovery juices to the test obviously meant that we needed something to recover from *gulp*. Full of anticipation and adrenalin Derry directed us to Urban Kings Gym for an intense 30 minute circuit session aka arse-whooping. Three rounds of lunges, ladder-runs, kettlebells, squats and step-ups later I longed for my bed let alone my bottle of juice but boy it felt soooooo good. 

Thanks Joe Bloggers and Green Light Digital for getting me involved in my first ever fitness blogger bash and to all the gorgeous friendly new faces I met. You're all absolute dreamboats! 

Have YOU given juicing a go???

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  1. Yes, love having a juice each day and have even done some juice cleanses, kettlebells are also one of my favourite things for toning up quickly. I go to Santorini in 10 weeks so need to up my game with cutting out naught sugary treats - which are my downfall and I have to have a little at least every day...whoops! Lovely post :) xx


    1. Again what a lovely comment! Thanks so much for reading Charlotte means a lot. So jel of your holiday bet you cannot wait! xx